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Yup, this is a repeat of something I posted about 2 years ago with a HDD going belly-up. This time around it's not as serious, though still an issue. Last time, the drive refused to spin after suffering some fall damage that cost nearly £500 to get the data back. I rearranged my entire setup for it but that doesn't mean I'm immune to harddrive failures. In fact, another one failed recently, but that was replaceable since I had the data backed up.

Here, I do not because the drive was too big. Because the drives that's having the issues is my Movies drive which contains my Lets Plays and that's how I earn a lot of the money I've been getting. If I can't upload those remaining videos, then that gametime and those LPs are wasted. Some of the footage is Blind, for Lightning Returns and LittleBigPlanet which have already been uploaded, in part. So I need to get at the remaining videos.

Like I said, the issue isn't as serious where the drive wont spin, because it still does, just that Windows isn't recognising it unless it's under certain conditions. Which is still proving to be problematic.

So I do think it may be in my best interests to rename all the files and then send it off to recovery, which should be cheaper this time around, but only once I've exhausted all other ideas. So, because this isn't a hardware fault, the cost should be much lower, the lowest using the same company I did last time is £97.

Until then, I have some videos recovered, namely the entirety of Final Fantasy IX and Kingdom Hearts (which is 44 + 28 episodes). The former was next after Lightning Returns anyway, so I'm going to upload that in the meantime, if folks want to support me in any way for a possibility of having to recover the drive, I'd appreciate it.

Here's Part 1 of FF9, which is my favourite video game of all time.

EDIT: It's official, the drive, I will now consider dead, or rather, mostly dead, there is a difference between mostly dead and all dead after all. I've put in a query about the drive with the same company I used last time. Apparently one customer in their testimonials had 1.5TB worth of audio books, I can't imagine how they got hold of that much of that content.


Gary M. Gadsdon
United Kingdom
Rules and Stuff.

1. No Requests, Trades or commissions on Fan Art. I'm far too busy for it, however, I will usually reference your artwork in a future piece of my own if my own request/trades are honoured.

2. Artwork will not be accepted into groups unless I submit it to them to begin with, that means two things, first, I have to be a contributor to that group, and all requests for groups I'm not a contributor to will be denied.

3. Commissions on SMF Themes are allowed. The base price is variable based on design and which version for SMF ($50 for 1.1 and $45 for 2.0). Each additional template file after the index.template.php will add $15 to the price. Mod installation is also available onto custom and default themes at $10 per mod installed.

4. Comments, I wont usually comment on faves, I will try to reply to proper comments on artwork however.

5. I wont answer meme tags, so don't bother. Such comments WILL be hidden if posted on my profile...

6. Don't invite me to join groups. If I want to join a group, I'll initiate a join request myself.

7. You can find me regularly on MT2 posting a lot.

8. If you're going to use my characters or my design (of Maggie), the attribute the source to me in the description.

9. If you are going to communicate with me in any way, it MUST be in English otherwise it will be ignored and deleted.

10. Do not call me 'Gaz', 'Gazman' or 'Gazza' these are familial nicknames and only family are permitted to use them, comments that refer to me by these names will be hidden.

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