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January 21, 2011
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Dissidia 012 Duodecim SimpFant by Gazmanafc Dissidia 012 Duodecim SimpFant by Gazmanafc
The Goddess of Harmony, Cosmos.
The God of Discord, Chaos.

This is now an art jam, check it out on this link

A new Dissidia based picture, this time, named after the prequel, Duodecim.

This pic features loads of characters duking it out in an epic battle for good and evil, all the characters from my Dissidia fan pic return, some swapping sides, along with many new faces equal to the number added in Duodecim.

The old characters besides Homer did not get new artwork, not because I was lazy but because that's what Square Enix did.

The side of Cosmos is on the right, the side of Chaos is on the left.


Here are the rules:
- 1 Chaos character should defect to the side of Cosmos
- 3 Cosmos characters should defect to the side of Chaos
- 1 new Chaos character that was a secret character in Dissidia
- 1 new Chaos character revealed new in Duodecim
- 1 new Cosmos character that was a secret character in Dissidia
- 7 new Cosmos characters revealed new in Duodecim


Here's the lineup:

Homer Simpson (swapped from Chaos)
Marge Simpson (was a secret character in Dissidia)
Laura Powers
Melissa (new, created by ~Sigma-Mastermind
Nikki McKenna (new)
Skye (created by ~tigertaiga)
Eric Simpson (new, created by ~simpspin)
Laura Simpson (created by ~Gazmanafc)
Lisa Simpson
Eliza Simpson (new)
Yeardley Carbonell-Simpson (created by *JimCarreyDude19)
Maggie Simpson (created by ~Gazmanafc)
Allison Taylor (new)
Fran (new, created by =Gilson)
Monica Simpson (created by ~Maggiecute)
Ralph Wiggum

Fat Tony D'Amico (new)
Sideshow Bob Terwilliger
Chucky Burns (created by *13foxywolf666)
Gina Vendetti
Roger Terwilliger (created by *sideshowbobfanatic)
Seymour Skinner Jr. (created by ~Dark-Mephistopheles)
Jessica Lovejoy (was a secret character in Dissidia)
Suzy Simpson (swapped from Cosmos, created by ~archonix)
Dark Lisa Simpson
Dark Maggie Simpson (created by ~Gazmanafc)
Nelson Muntz
Lucy Simpson (swapped from Cosmos, created by ~Gazmanafc)
Bart Simpson (swapped from Cosmos)



Fat Tony: Pistol
Sideshow Bob: Flametongue
Jessica: Baton
Dark Maggie: Ultima Weapon
Shelby: Spraypaint
Bart: Slingshot
Lucy: Onion Sword

Homer: Shotgun
Marge: Scimitar
Laura S: Katana
Eric: Baseball Bat
Lisa: Sisterhood
Yeardley: Baton
Maggie: Maggie Blade
Allison: Sax
Fran: Rifle
Monica: Flower Staff
Ralph: Pop-o-Matic

All characters go to their credited creators.
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¿hay espacio para una cosmo más?
es que me quiero unir..
Esitaro3670 Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
man, if you make this a fan game, i will play it
because LOOK AT IT!!! Original characters and fan characters! with a big story!!!
Lisafangirl Aug 16, 2012
You can also use my fan-characters to fantasy, i will be glad:happycry:
The characters for 011, 012, 013 and 020 are already decided. I don't really have any intention on a 010.
Too many original characters. Should have stuck wtih actual Simpsons characters.
The idea is that it's based around the fan community, not the show.
what does Eric simpson oing on the pitchure?
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