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SimpDuodecim: Alt Costumes by Gazmanafc SimpDuodecim: Alt Costumes by Gazmanafc
In Dissidia Final Fantasy each character gets two outfits that the player can pick as they see fit, in Duodecim this rises to three, four with DLC. So I'm going to do some for the Simpsons version :P

So far, I've only done six characters, but I'm only including five here. Most of the outfits are referential to the original source the characters come from, others are for lulz.

Here's the outfits in detail:

Bart's normal outfit is as seen in the show, nothing different about it.

His first alternate features him wearing the blue shirt you typically see him wearing in Simpsons merchandise.

His second alternate is the shirt Lisa wore when posing as Jake Boyman, for all we know, Marge could simply have gotten it out of Bart's wardrobe, his shorts and shoes are the same throughout all of his costumes.

Lisa's main outfit, Like Bart's is straight from the show.

Her first alternate is the outfit she wore in the Semi-Finals of the L'il Starmaker Singing Competition in GABF13 - A Star in Torn, it features an orange top with purple stripes, an orange skirt and purple boots. She doesn't wear her pearls.

Her second alternate is Tidus's outfit from Final Fantasy X. It features a yellow shirt with the left sleeve torn off and replaced by a gauntlet, uneven dark grey shorts, with the Zanarkand Abes insignia on them, and yellow shoes. She wears a necklace of the insignia. She's also wearing gloves.

Maggie's main outfit is her clothes in Simpsons Fantasy. She wears a pink dress with blue sleeves and blue shoes, along with blue pearls, and a blue bow in her wavy hair. Her eyes are also blue.

Maggie's first alternate is her teenage outfit from Simpsons Fantasy VI. A Pink tank-top, and a blue skirt, and blue shoes. She still has her pearls and bow. She also has a giant scar over her right eye.

Maggie's second alt is the outfit she wore in The Simpson Twins featuring non-wavy hair, green pearls and a blue dress.

Lucy's main outfit is her normal clothes in Simpsons Fantasy VI. A blue jacket over a white shirt and a pink skirt with pink boots. The has short, blue hair.

Her first alternate is the school uniform she wears in Simpsons Fantasy VI-2 she wears a blue sweater over a white shirt with a black and blue striped tie, grey pleated skirt, white socks and black shoes.

Her second alternate is the grey jumpsuit she wore when she was working for Dark Maggie in Simpsons Fantasy VI.

Suzy's main outfit is similar to Lucy's second alternate. Suzy looks identical to Lisa, except she has a blue streak in her hair.

Suzy's first alternate is Lisa's orange dress, white pearls and shoes. Her streak remains so one can tell the difference. The reason she's wearing Lisa's clothes is because at the end of Lisa Squared, Lisa dies and Suzy takes her place having lost her own memory, but absorbed Lisa's earlier or something. (that's the way I read it)

Her second alternate is based on an interest in baseball Suzy takes up in Lisa Squared, she wears a red and white baseball outfit.
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Lisafangirl Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Why Bart is putting his hand to his mouth?
Gazmanafc Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Why not.
Dancrew2010 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
I wish I could make some Alternate costumes for Homer, Marge and my Simpsons Original Character, Malinda Simpson.
Violetta-Chan Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011
Out of those outfits, which one do you like the most? Mine would have to be Lisa's.
Gazmanafc Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011
I'd say that I like Maggie's the most.
Violetta-Chan Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011
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