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SimpFant: Maggie Evolution by Gazmanafc SimpFant: Maggie Evolution by Gazmanafc
Here's the evolution of Maggie's designs in Simpsons Fantasy. From left to right.

1. This is the original design. It's basically just a Lisa clone. This design is still used, mostly for Twins only.

2. This design was submitted by a friend :iconcuddlesnowy:, she submitted a pic to TCB way back in 2005. At this point, she didn't have the Maggie Blade though, just a generic broadsword. It was used with Permission though. If I remember right, I think Becky wanted me to use the design. She does still use this design, even long after I made design changes.

3. This design is tweaked by me for easier drawing. I changed her trousers and shirt into a dress, but kept everything else the same. By this point, the Maggie Blade was also designed, and Maggie was using it.

4. The current design we are all familiar with. The shoes originally didn't work for most people, so under recommendation I changed them to Lisa like shoes, and changed their colour, and I also separated her a little more from Lisa by changing her hair style. Her eyes are also coloured blue when she has the Mako inside her body.

This does give me the idea for possible unlockable costumes for doing certain things. Eh. Maybe not. :P
GladiatorRomanus Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
My favorite is the last
Wiimeiser Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
Unlockable costumes? Sure, why not? You just need a variable for each character and the "Change Actor Graphic" event command.
Gazmanafc Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
It's not so much getting it implemented in RMVX, but rather, drawing the artwork.
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