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August 23, 2010
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SimpFant - Maggie Outfits by Gazmanafc SimpFant - Maggie Outfits by Gazmanafc
A showcase on the playable outfits that Maggie can have. All of them are fanon outfits and to suit Simpsons Fantasy such as her hair style, and if needed necklace changes. Unless stated, I don't have an in-game explanation for the outfits, and I am open to ideas.

Starting from the top left.

1. Normal: This is Maggie's normal outfit. No changes. In game this can be explained to be made of Gaian exclusive fabics, thus resulting why Maggie can't have unlimited numbers of this style. :P

2. Twins: This is Maggie's outfit from The Simpson Twins which I wrote. Basically a Lisa clone, in game this can be explained that Marge dyed one of Lisa's orange dresses blue.

3. The New Simspons: Designed by ~Das-Writer, probably one of the cutest outfits I've seen for Maggie.

4. Designed by *13foxywolf666

5. Designed by ~tigertaiga

6. Alternate Springfield: Designed by *SuperKoopaTroopa, facial shape of course is modeled after SimpFant since she's the daughter of Marge, not Mindy.

7. By =steven4554 Hemline based on Maggie's normal outfit because I was lazy. In game this can be explained as her Sunday Best outfit.

8. From Lard of the Dance. This is the only outfit, excluding Maggie's normal outfit that she wears as part of the storyline. When that part is done, it'd be added to the players inventory of items and then taken out when the family return to Springfield. Lisa also wears this dress.

The background is an RMVX screenshot of the town in which you find Maggie. Which should look familiar if you've played FF4.

Credit to all artists for their designs.
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Didn't Maggie from in The Simpson Twins have another outfit? The blue one in the banner for The Cutest Baby
You mean the one where the kids are in Lisa's bedroom? That was just for fanart purposes. You could say that it got a small remix by Tigertaiga. So it wasn't really based on Twins.

She did wear many outfits in Twins, but sticking with the main one is the best way to go. Let others get a bit of the spotlight. :P
Yeah that one. And I guess eight are enough anyway.
That Inca outfit she wore at the end of "Lost Verizon" was pretty sleek.

I'm not sure how applicable it'd be for Simpsons Fantasy though.
It wouldn't fit into the game really, and I also don't wanna draw it. :P Eight is enough.
steven4554 Aug 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad my design is included, thanks Gary.

I am also in the process of making more dress designs for both Lisa and Maggie, if your interested let me know.
For now, I want to limit each character to eight outfits (As that's how many images can fit in a single face set) except Lucy who only has four. So once you post the new outfits you're working on, I might replace old with new. ;)
Hey that's awesome! My designs' included! Thanks!:D
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