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SQUALL is inside Ultimecia's Castle (FF8's Arena) about to fight the final battle of FF8.

ULTIMECIA: ...SeeD... SeeD......SeeD...... SeeD, SeeD, SeeD! Curse all SeeDs. Swarming like locusts across generations. You disgust me. The world was on the brink of that ever-elusive 'time compression'. Insolent fools! Your vain crusade ends here, SeeDs. The price for your meddling is death beyond death. I shall send you to a dimension beyond your imagining. There, I will reign, and you will be my slaves for eternity. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Who shall I exterminate first? I'll start with you two!

vs. ULTIMECIA (Player: Squall, BGM: The Extreme)

SQUALL is now in a dark void after the battle, he arrives at Order's Sanctuary (Cosmos's Arena) where LAGUNA approaches him.

LAGUNA: Well done Squall, just the kind of work I'd expect from the commander of SeeD.
SQUALL: Thanks, that stuff you were talking about of love and friendship paid off. (I can't believe I actually said that)
LAGUNA: Really?
SQUALL: Yeah. You sound surprised, it was your idea.
LAGUNA: Uh... well. It was really just a theory. Anyway. That's not why I'm here.
SQUALL: Then why are you here?
LAGUNA: I came because I had something important to tell you.
SQUALL: What is it?
LAGUNA: Remember on the Ragnarok, Kiros and Ward were hinting about your parents?
SQUALL: Sort of.
LAGUNA: Well... Shortly before you came to Esthar, Elle told me that I had a son...
SQUALL: (I hope he isn't going to say that I'm...)
LAGUNA: ...well, you're my son.
SQUALL: No... That's impossible!

vs. LAGUNA LOIRE (Player: Squall, BGM: The Man with the Machine Gun)

LAGUNA: Heh. You really are good with that Gunblade, better than I was certainly. I'm glad that Elle gave me your junctions in battle all those years ago.
SQUALL: H-How could you be my father. You're an IDIOT!
LAGUNA: Harsh words, but I suppose you're right, after the irresponsible things I've done. Shortly after I left Winhill to find Elle in Esthar, Raine found out she was pregnant. Because of my goals regarding Elle, I never knew. Because I wasn't paying attention to the Adel resistance, when  I was made president of Esthar, I couldn't return to Winhill, so I sent Elle there alone, just as Raine, I mean, your mom was about to give birth to you.
SQUALL: Do you regret not going back with her?
LAGUNA: Of course, I could've seen Raine one last time before she died.
SQUALL: What happened?
LAGUNA: Sadly, according to Elle there were problems with the birth and sadly she died giving birth to you.
SQUALL: ...I'm sorry.
LAGUNA: I can't hold it against you. It wasn't your fault. You were maybe five minutes old when she passed.
SQUALL: So how come I ended up at the orphanage?
LAGUNA: The people of Winhill probably sent you there. Elle said that she tried to get them to bring you both back to Esthar to be with me, but they didn't really take to much liking to me.
SQUALL: (I can't imagine why...)
LAGUNA: Even still, having missed so long both your lives, I want to get to know you...
SQUALL: Listen, I'm 17, I grew up in an orphanage. You can't just pop out of nowhere, claiming to be my biological father, and expect me to just accept it. Sorry Laguna, I have other things to deal with...

SQUALL walks away. BARTZ and ZIDANE are walking in SQUALL's direction as SQUALL joins them.
In Duodecim, apparently you can create your own original quests and distribute them through PSN, or something.

I'm not sure how it actually works yet as I've not played the game, since it's not even out in Japan. But, if it works how I want it to, then I'll create an FF8 based fic about Squall and Laguna.

After the events of FF8 to a certain degree.

If all goes well, this will be made to be fully playable. In game I'd intend for the playable characters to switch between Squall and Laguna.

This portion was written on the spot in MT2 as I was creating the topic.
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DeadlyObsession Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cited from Andriasang; you can
- Have up to 5 fights per quest
- Create dialouge segments between battles (Like the ones in story mode with the dialouge boxes)
- Select facesets from icons unlocked from the museum.
-Adjust CPU difficulty, EX Core frequency, Equipment, Summons, etc...

So yep. You can pretty much do all of the above. Rejoice.
Gazmanafc Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011
Yeah, I know. I've been following the game as new info comes out.

As for this thing, I dunno where I'll be taking it. But it'd have to be released in parts, as I want more than 5 battles. :P I wanna throw in some events between Tidus and Jecht as well as Squall and Laguna.
DeadlyObsession Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll be looking forward to playing them =]
Violetta-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
Its not out yet?
Gazmanafc Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
Duodecim? No. It comes out in March for all regions. Japan gets it on the 3rd, North America on the 22nd and Europe, which is my region, on the 25th.
Violetta-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011
Oh, I thought it already came out.
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